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Community Building

Community Building Workshops 


October 2024

When: TBA

Where: Chicago (or Zoom)

January 2025

When: 18th & 19th

Where: Chicago (or Zoom) 


What is Sacred  Community

Listen to Rusty Baldeagle sharing his experiences with Community Building for over 35 years.

To attend a workshop please visit:

Sacred Community is about being with one another in authentic ways. Talking circles in particular have been an integral aspect of earth-based cultures and societies and have developed over the years, continuing to be held in other modern day communities. A sacred community or circle can hold immense power and supports the perspective that each person has a unique gift. Authentic community is about the whole and is not led by only one individual, rather everyone has the potential be be a leader. Experiencing a community building circle can often be an empowering, challenging and beautiful experience. Circle culture is alive and supported by various groups and cultures around the world. 


"FCE (Foundation for Community Encouragement) was founded in December 1984 in response to a need for community as perceived by one of the founding members, Dr. M. Scott Peck, author of 'The Road Less Traveled', 'The Different Drum', and 'A World Waiting to Be Born'. Lecturing throughout the country, Dr. Peck found vast numbers of people and organizations expressing a longing for, and a lack of community in their lives. Along with eleven others, Dr. Peck formed the foundation to spread the work of community building as a means to address this deep yearning for authentic human connection."*

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Non-Profits,  Affiliations & Empowering Causes

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Moved To Speak

Community Building

Our Mother Earth

Spiritual Healing, Visions Quests, Sweat Lodges, Honoring and Respecting Mother Earth, Discovering Original Medicine,

Exhale to Inhale

Trauma Informed Yoga

Elizabeth Freeman Foundation

Support for Domestic and Sexual Violence

Random Acts of Kindness

Making Kindness the Norm

Mankind Project

A Global brotherhood

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