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Yoga Therapy

During a Yoga Therapy session, the main focus is on the connection between the body, mind and soul. Methods include a combination of Reiki/Energy Healing, various styles of Yoga, Gestalt Therapy and other complementary therapies. Yoga Therapy sessions are therapeutic and somatic in nature, where the body is a source of great wisdom. The subtle energy fields of the body (chakras and auric field) are also awakened and cleansed to nurture a deeper connection within the self and life in general. Yoga Therapy sessions nourish presence and inner peace.

Resonance Healing

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Resonance Healings involve prayers, mantras and/or shamanic drumming. Sessions can also include: Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and the harmonium to soothe, rejuvenate and cleanse energy. Laura is often inspired musically in her healings to bring through healing energy and sounds that are unique to the individual or group.


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Sacred Artwork inspired by nature and an  innate connection with the spirit world.

Commissioned Artwork

Commissioned Artwork - personalized and channelled artwork. 

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