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Śūnyāsoma (Sh-00n-ya so-mah) provides a sanctuary for integrative wellness for the body, mind and soul. The inspiration behind Śūnyāsoma stems from a combination of healing methods, creativity, Earth-based Traditions, the Sacred Voice and Sound.

Śūnyāsoma provides a sacred space of creativity and healing, where each individual can gain deeper insight, authenticity and wholeness. At the essence, it is about nourishing and embracing the unique sacredness within ourselves and each other, from a place of reverence. It is from within, that the deepest shifts can occur.


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Śūnyā शून्य  (Śūnyatā) - In Buddhism, Śūnyā is often translated to emptiness, spaciousness and nothingness. The pure silence that emerges from this sacred place, also opens us to the concept of impermanence. Emptiness in this context is also about a spiritual space of expansiveness, interconnectedness and the true essence within all existence.


Soma  सोम  - It is a term derived from su, meaning to "energize, expand and grow", and connects us to the calm nourishing waters of the Moon. The thousand-petal Lotus is often called the seat of Soma or the Moon. Soma is a sacred Nectar, that flows from the moon chakra, giving life to pure awareness.

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The Guide  & Artisan
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Laura has been on the path of healing from a very early age exploring the edges of creativity and spirituality.


Laura's influences have been her connection to Mother Earth, Sacred Sound, Art, Yoga, Buddhist Philosophies, Wisdom Circles and experiencing different cultures of this incredible planet. She also honors her many teachers, guides and mentors along her travels. Through personal reflections, she feels that the trials and tribulations of life can offer immeasurable gifts, and when these gifts are embraced and honored, each person can share themselves from a unique place of wisdom.

Laura perceives life as art, and this artistic reflection provides a lens to see the deeper beauty beyond form, therefore, bringing transformative vision and a depth of heart. She appreciates the dance of light and shadow, and how this can reflect the many facets of humanity.


- compassion, deep listening

and empathy


- loving kindness

and respect

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