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Yoga Therapy

During a Yoga Therapy session, the focus is reigniting and maintaining a connection between the body, mind and soul. Laura guides through Yoga Therapy, which includes a weaving of various forms of healing.


  • Tantra-Yoga

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga

  • Gestalt Therapy Approach 

  • Prana Meditation & Breathwork

  • Kundalini and Tao healing methods

  • Earth-based Healing - dreamwork, drumming and space clearing

  • Resonance and sound healing (the sacred voice and Kirtan)

  • Space Clearing

Common requests and concerns that Yoga Therapy can support:

  • Overcoming old patterning and conditioning

  • Encouraging a healthy connection to the body

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Connection with the Sacred Self

  • Deeper connection within the self/relationship/others

  • Effective communication (loving non-blame communication)

  • Dearmouring

  • PTSD/Trauma clearing

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Laura works with what is unfolding in the now - the present moment, and how the quality of each healing empowers and encourages deeper awareness over the long term. As the guide, Laura's perspective is that a healing space is a sanctuary, therefore is very sacred - as is the unfolding process of the healing itself. 

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