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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I expect from a healing?

Energy healing is an intuitive process where energy is channeled to cleanse, replenish and rebalance the subtle systems of the body (the aura and chakras). Every practitioner and healing is unique.

Laura uses a combination of methods merged with her own gifts and life experiences. Common requests are: to relieve stress or anxiety, clear negative energy, overcome inner challenges, work through old conditioning, habits and belief systems, trauma, incidences and relationship issues. Laura has worked with both individuals and couples to support wellbeing and encourage healthy methods to navigate life with greater ease and presence. 

What methods are used?

Laura began actively studying energy healing and bodywork as a young adult, learning effective methods through hands-on healing and toning (voice). Over the years she has studied various forms of healing, such as breathwork, Kuṇḍalinī meditation and tao practices, Earth-based (Shamanic) healing, space clearing and ceremony, reiki, trauma-informed yoga, Gestalt therapy, and resonance healing (sound and the sacred voice).

Other tools of healing may include: singing bowls, crystals, sage or palo santo.

What is Gestalt Therapy and why would it benefit me?

Gestalt Therapy is a creative approach to supporting an individual or couple, giving greater insight through an experiential process and personal expression. In Gestalt, the present moment is the focus, bringing awareness to what is happening here and now through relationship with the self, others and the environment. Guidance is offered to empower a person to make his or her own choices, nourishing deeper understanding, acceptance and compassion.


Common issues that a Gestalt approach can support:

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Lack of direction or purpose in life

  • Relationship issues

  • Spiritual crisis

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Emotional turmoil

  • Self-esteem and more

How does the healing process work?

In the initial appointment there will be discussion in order for Laura to determine the best place to begin your journey. Each session is unique and tailored to the individual or couple. 

In Gestalt therapy there is often more dialogue as it is more of a talk-therapy process. With this in mind, there is no expectation of how a session will unfold. Laura approaches each healing in the moment and offers guidance to empower the client.

Depending on the type of healing, sessions are either on a massage table, chair or floor with pillows and blankets. A clients comfort and wellbeing is paramount.

Please reach out for any further questions or enquiries

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